Windows Phone + Cordova Quick Tip

When javascript doesn't seem to be working, I usually hack in a quick error handler.If you add this somewhere at the top of your html page, you should see any errors that occur listed in Visual Studio's output window.

window.onerror = function(errMsg,fileName,ln) {
    window.external.Notify("Error : " + errMsg + 
            ", In file : " + fileName + 
            ", at line number:" + ln);

Announcing Apache Cordova support for Windows Phone 8

It's been a busy morning here at the //build conference in Redmond, just piecing it all together now ... Over the last month and half or so, we have been quietly working away on bringing Windows Phone 8 support to Apache Cordova.  The SDK has been in private beta, so we had to fly under the radar, but I am proud to say we can finally talk about it.

The majority  of the effort has been done by Sergei Grebnov ( ) with tech support from the MSOpenTech team.

Expect to see the repos landing in github + apache shortly.  It doesn't look like it will be included as part of the 2.2.0 download, for release today or tomorrow, but I am trying to make that happen.  Downloading the public SDK right now ...

More from the MSOpenTech folk here: