HyperLab is free!

I have decided to release HyperLab for free. I would like to thank the few people who purchased it, and I hope you don't think your dollar was wasted. I originally hoped that adding a marginal price tag would help re-coup something for the time I had spent building this app, but I now realize that even a price-tag of $1 scares people away.

I didn't expect to get rich with this app anyway, so why not?

Cheers! Jesse

Box2D on WP7 Apache Cordova 1.7.0rc1

Here's a simple demo of Box2D javascript running in a Cordova app on a Samsung Focus S.Earlier this week at the Microsoft hosted 'port your app event', Ben Davey from mobilenationhq.com did the work of putting this into a Cordova app, which he described as "just a little bit of work".

I'm looking forward to seeing what types of games people come up with!