PhoneGApp Store Approval

I just received word from Apple that : a) Apple has given PhoneGap a technical analysis , and PhoneGap does not violate the Terms & Conditions of the App Store. b) Apple will review PhoneGap applications based on their own merits and not on their use of PhoneGap.

What this means:

There was still some apprehension within the community as to whether or not using PhoneGap would lead to a possible rejection from the iPhone App Store, we definitely have a green light to PhoneGap. This means we can all get back to doing what we love best, building fast, easy mobile apps with JavaScript+HTML+CSS while still taking advantage of the core features in the iPhone, Android, Symbian-WRT and Blackberry devices.

Happy coding!

[ Update:: April 13, 2010 ]

I have received word from Apple that the above is STILL true! If you were concerned by the recent changes to Apple's iPhone developer agreement, this has ZERO impact on PhoneGap!

Apps built with PhoneGap will continue to be reviewed based on their own merits and NOT dismissed/rejected because they use PhoneGap.

So enough with the crazy speculative rumour mill. Let's get back to making apps with HTML+CSS+JavaScript.

PhoneGap ftw!