Image Caching with the HTML5 Canvas

Lately I have been working on an iPhone app ( using PhoneGap of course )  and needed to implement image caching on the client with javascript. I am already using an SQLite database in mobile safari, so I decided I could store images in Base64 in the DB.  I was able to load the binary image data using XHR, but could not correctly encode it to base64 in javascript.

Exploring another path, I found that there is a method of the HTML5 Canvas toDataURL();

So I wrote this to download the image, instead of my XHR method :

ImageCacheManager.prototype.fetchImage = function(url) { var alias = this; var img = new Image(); img.onload = function() { alias.onImageLoaded(this); }; img.src = url; }

Then this to handle the loaded image and cache it :

ImageCacheManager.prototype.onImageLoaded = function(img) { var canvas = document.createElement("canvas"); canvas.width = img.width; canvas.height = img.height; var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d"); ctx.drawImage(img,0,0); var dataURL = canvas.toDataURL(); this.cacheImageData(img.src, dataURL); }

To keep things short I have excluded the DB sections, I always check if I have an image cached already before I fetch one, and always write it to the DB when I do fetch.  If an image is retrieved from the DB it can simply be written to the img.src as is.
I foresee all kinds of uses for this, like a javascript based image editor, or a water-marking script ( you can also draw text on the canvas before you pull out it's bits ... )