Overlay.tv - YouTube Uploader Pt.2

Integration with Overlay's services was somewhat easier. They have a published API but unfortunately for this project, it is intended for use on other websites, so it did not make sense in a client application. Overlay also has a flash movie that they use in their pages to support viewing, creating and editing overlays. The flash movie is an AS2 movie, so I was not able to load it directly, but instead ended up creating an HTML control and dynamically modifying the flashvars to get at the functionality we needed. ( BTW I love the HTML control in Air! ) The Flash movie already implemented 100% of overlay's functionality, so I was very glad to be able to use it directly.

Working closely with Overlay, I was given instructions on how to authenticate a user and get xml back.  For getting the list of the current user's overlays we consumed just grabbed the user's rss feed. 

So go check out the Overlay.tv YouTube uploader and start making some overlays!.  

Your feedback is welcomed.